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Maternity Dresses

Shopping from the US? Enjoy NO taxes & duties (on orders under $800) from the British brand that’s dressed one million bumps.

Our London-designed maternity dresses grow as you do. So ONE dress in ONE size will do 9 months and beyond. We’ve got covetable bodycon dresses, sweeping maternity maxi dresses and head-turning maternity cocktail dresses for occasions when you can’t drink but you can still dress brilliantly.

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  1. Katerina Maternity Dress


  2. Ferndale Print Maternity Dress

    $195.00 $97.00

  3. Willis Maternity Dress

    $209.00 $83.00

  4. Heyford Print Maternity Dress

    $209.00 $104.00

  5. Kerwood Maternity Print Dress

    $185.00 $129.00

  6. Larch Maternity Print Dress

    $195.00 $136.00