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You've got the invites, we've got the outfits. Effortless maternity style? Always.

  1. Maternity Work Clothes

    Maternity Workwear

    How to dress for the office and still feel like you? With understated tailored separates, Sixties-inspired tunic dresses and classic Ponte A-line maternity dresses in subtle shades and the softest fabrics.

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  2. Maternity Loungewear

    Maternity Loungewear

    Switching off isn’t easy with a preggo brain, but these soft breathable layers allow you to untangle your mind while looking seriously chic too.

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  3. Maternity Casual Wear

    Maternity Casual Wear

    Our switched on way to do ‘switched off’ includes soft jersey jumpsuits, the ultimate jeans, trend-aware ballet tops and tees in every colour of the rainbow. All the essential ingredients for a fun weekend.

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  4. Maternity Evening Wear

    Maternity Evening Wear

    Feeling hot at special events is totally do-able with a wow dress that shows the world you’ve still got it. Luxury fabrics with double-lining (for a sleek silhouette) give you confidence when bubbly is out of bounds.

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