Eat, wear, love: 3 lunchtime looks

One of our greatest pregnancy pleasures? Casually dropping the phrase ‘well I’m eating for two now’ to justify strange cravings and sneaky extra portions. Here our pregnant staffer, Danielle, reveals what to wear and where to eat in our very own, Kentish Town.  

Lunch spot #1: The Pineapple Pub

The Pineapple is a weekly destination for our team. Tucked away on a side street just a short walk from our studio, it’s our Isabella Oliver home from home. We always receive the warmest welcome from the landlady, Poppy, and her team and the delicious authentic Thai food is to die for.  

My look

This is signature ‘me’ – the kind of thing I wore pre-pregnancy and with a nice casual vibe that suits a pub lunch. The maternity blazer lends the outfit sharpness and keeps it from feeling sloppy. Once the baby’s arrived, I can still wear it thanks to the subtle cut. The relaxed maternity jeans are designed in a cool boyfriend style and (crucially) boast a ridiculously soft waistband. Of course the maternity T-shirt is a total staple in my pregnancy wardrobe and the summer white keeps everything feeling crisp.

My lunch

In the past I would always opt for the Pineapple’s famously good Pad Thai, but I find it all a little heavy now I’ve hit the eight months mark. This time around I opted for a Pad Si Ewe, a lighter noodle option with eggs and vegetables. I loved it, bump loved it. In the words of a strange pregnant Terminator,  ‘we’ll be back…’

Lunch spot #2: House Kitchen

This spot is a hidden away in the bottom of Highgate Studios, a short walk from us. It’s the latest foodie hotspot to hit Kentish Town from the clever guys behind the Soho House group. Filled with cool media types and set in an airy open-plan kitchen vibe, it’s great for a delicious bloomer sandwich and spot of people watching.

My look

I don’t often wear print, but this maternity dress complements my colouring. It's also so comfy I could probably sleep in it. The cut’s based on our bestselling Ruched T-shirt Dress which I already own in several colours, so I knew I’d love it. It’s been on rotate in my wardrobe since four months - with sliders, sneakers and even heels (in the early days). This is my second pregnancy since I started at Isabella Oliver and a lot of the maternity clothes I wore first time around are making a second appearance simply because they’ve worn and washed so well.

My lunch

A delicious salmon bloomer on warm, crusty bread had me at ‘hello’ but I could eat pretty much anything here. There’s a very broad, healthy spectrum of offerings – from salads to sandwiches and insanely tempting cake.

Lunch spot #3: Pizza East

I had my ‘mat leave’ do here because, put simply, it’s the best pizza spot in Kentish Town (probably London). Also owned by the Soho House group, it’s got their DNA stamped all over it. Think: exposed light fittings, industrial piping, cool cast iron chairs with dark wooden tables and you’ll be half way to understanding the vibe. It’s very New York-esque.

My look

On my last official day in the office (sob/yay), I opted for the grey Halstead Maternity Dress. It’s simple and flattering (in a large part down to the T-shirt-like grown-on sleeves) and it's super soft too. I also love the way I can subtly show my cleavage off. I never really wear revealing or bodycon silhouettes unless I’m pregnant, so I’m enjoying it while I can.  

My lunch

There isn’t a disappointing pizza here, but my hands-down favourite is the spicy sausage and broccoli option. I might look like I’m never going to manage it in this shot…but suffice to say, I did. It was utterly delicious: the perfect way to say farewell to my colleagues.

It’s over and out from me now as I’m off to welcome child #2 into the world, but if you’re pregnant and reading this then I wish you the VERY best of luck with everything. I hope my outfits inspired you and my lunch choices didn’t induce nausea. Just remember that you’re eating (and dressing) for two now, so enjoy! x

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