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A coat is a must-have investment during the cooler months. Finding the perfect fit, cut and design can prove tricky (especially with a bump in tow). Luckily we’ve crafted a fashion-forward design that’ll keep you stylishly warm throughout your pregnancy (and beyond). Do you love the minimalist look? Fan of cashmere? You’ll love our Jasmine Wrap Maternity Coat. Our secret? It’s all in the design. Our in-house team have fitted (and refitted) it again and again, guaranteeing an effortless and flat

There’s a reason why our below the bump relaxed denim is rated five stars. It’s so adaptable, dress up with heels and a blazer or wear day to day with trainers. Not convinced? Just ask the beautiful (and stylish) Sky Sports News Presenter, Olivia Wayne. Olivia took our jeans out for the day around Hampstead Heath. Keeping active has been an every present element of my pregnancy but not just in the gym or in the pool. The thing I have enjoyed most has been going for long walks with my husband or friends, particularly ar
The Relaxed Jeans
Gardner Maternity Top
Give in to the guilty pleasure ladies...for what can be more fun than playing a game of 'steal their style' with your favourite celebrities? It's not easy being preggo and we're sure it's not a walk in the park being papped every second of the day, so these confident, sassy women are (in our humble opinion) deserving of a mama to mama high five. Here are five looks worth copy-catting... 1. Kourtney Kardashian: Stripes are (and forever will be) the modern maternity staple. 2. Chrissy Teigen: This super easy style inspir
Image courtesy of Christopher Peterson/Splash News
With a baby on the way, it’s all too easy to replace date night with dinner-on-your-lap-in-front of-the-TV-night. But in the interests of keeping your love life ticking over, sometimes you've GOT TO trade in the fluffy slippers and yoga pants for something a little more chic and sexy. We’ve gleaned three typical date night scenarios and provided you with the perfect outfit choice to suit each one. We're good like that. 1. The dinner and a movie date: You get fashion brownie points and comfort all at once
Goodbye, summer (sob). Hello, new season. But which trends to try and styles to buy? We asked Fashion PR girl Lindsay to shed some light on the matter… There's no set formula for 'dressing trendily'. For me it's about playing with trends and giving them my own stamp. I'm drawn to pieces that make me smile and work for my figure, but some trends are real no-brainers and can literally work everyone. Like these. 1. Boyfriend jeans (for day and night): I’m looking forward to wearing more relaxed denim like t
Finding nursing clothes that are both chic and comfortable can be as fiddly as feeding itself. In fact it's something that you really want to suss out sooner rather than later (like pre-cooking those endless meals for the freezer). When time is limited, quick picks are vital! Our nursing tops and dresses come crafted with handy openings, cover-ups and shelf bras and are all made from dreamily soft skin-kind fabrics too. Here's a quick lowdown... No longer are nursing clothes all plain Jane and technical, they can actually be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Here are our key nursing picks: 1. This is a simple nursing top with plenty going for it. It doesn't just boast ultra-soft jersey and a lift up shelf panel, it gives you endless styling options too. 2. Discrete, comfortable and flattering - three things a nursing mum needs her clothes to be. Our Avebury Nursing Top gives mums the privacy they need with a soft stretch panel for easy baby access. 3. Perfect for mamas meetings ove
Why buy a maternity blazer? Good question. Well the thing about a beautifully tailored blazer, like our Earlham (we do love you, Earlham), is that it's been cleverly cut with a curved front line. This makes it mega flattering to wear (through every trimester) and post-pregnancy too - meaning you won't blow the pushchair money on something you won't wear again! You can style it with jeans, a dress, leggings, basically anything that makes you feel comfortable (the options are endless). Here are just two ways we're rockin
Earlham Maternity Blazer
So you’re pregnant (hurrah)…but your old clothes don’t fit any more (boo). Worse than that, you’ve got to rework your entire relationship with fashion in order to find bump-friendly styles that suit the new you. Fear not! Marie Claire Fashion Editor Lucia Debieux has stepped in to share 6 key style lessons that she learned first-hand (and thinks every first time preggo should know about). Right first things first. It’s good news. Just because you’re carrying a baby bump you don’t have to let the fashion stakes slide. W
Marie Claire Fashion Editor Lucia Debieux (pre-bump)
Helston Maternity Top

Whether you're a die-hard yogi or trying it out for the first time now you're pregnant, these are the key athleisure pieces you (and bump!) need to know about...

Pregnancy has its upsides (maternity leave, feeling the first kick etc!), but missing out on summer cocktails is NOT something we'll miss. Determined to find some tasty (baby-friendly) alternatives, we caught up with Kentish Town blogger Oreke of Here she whips up two tasty non-alcoholic drink recipes, so you needn't be the only one without an umbrella on your glass! Over the weekend I threw a summer party and made these two mocktails for my pregnant girlfriends. They're easy to make, l