Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We believe it is our social and moral duty to have a positive impact on the environment. We improve people’s lives through our clothing by supporting charities, recycling and donating to develop a circular textile economy.
  • Every year we will give at least 10% of our profits to charities
  • Send back your old garments to us to be re-loved, repurposed or recycled. 50% of the net profits from our Pre-Loved Collection go to charity.
  • We donate clothing to charities including women's shelters, Women's Aid and Save the Children
  • and we also offer to plant a tree for every order
  • We actively encourage and support our team to participate in regular volunteer activities that align with our values and goals.
  • Sustainability


    For us, it is vital that we give back what we take by looking at fashion as part of the circular economy. It’s based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. We aim to eliminate waste by designing with longevity ensuring the garment remains in perpetual cycles of use and reuse. Sustainability banner

    Our Fabrics

    A garment’s life cycle begins with the fibre or crop it’s made from. We then consider how and where it’s woven, knitted or tanned into the fabric we use. Knowing the provenance of the materials we use has never been so important and we consider every element to create kinder clothing.

  • We use many natural fibres in our fabrics such as cotton, wool, and viscose as they biodegrade faster and don’t release harmful chemicals when breaking down
  • We strive to continually increase the amount of recycled, organic and sustainable fibres in our collections
  • We continually work with mills to reduce the amount of water consumption and pollution during textile processing. For example, choosing digital printing methods or using organic materials, so the residual water isn’t contaminated with pesticides.
  • Find out more about our fabrics

    Our Production

    We are constantly sourcing factories that are more sustainable, use less water, create less waste and release fewer chemicals into the world. We also carefully vet and only select factories that uphold the environmental, ethical and social needs of the people that work in them.

  • More than 90% of our clothing is produced in Europe and our fabrics are sourced locally to the factories to minimise our carbon footprint
  • We have a strict Code of Conduct for our factories. They must adhere to the highest ethical standards including living wages, safe conditions, regulated working hours and strictly no child labour
  • To prevent waste, we buy small and produce only what we need.
  • Find out more about our factories

    The Use of Our Clothing

    We are champions of Slow Fashion. We produce high quality, long lasting clothes and encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle with us. This is central to our belief that we can make a positive impact with our clothes and create a like-minded community around it.

  • Send us your old maternity clothing (from any any brand) to be re-loved, repurposed and recycled sustainably. Find out more here
  • We have a dedicated online stylist to help you make the most of our clothes and keep your style relevant
  • Above all, we never want our clothes to go to landfill.

  • Care for our Garments

    Caring for your clothes will increase the longevity and minimise the impact on the environment - we want it to last for years. We advise you on how to store, care, wash and repair your garments in the most environmentally friendly ways. Washing and drying can shorten a garment’s lifespan. Read our advice here


    Recycling is integral to every aspect of our business. Whether it is repurposing used garments through our Re-love, Re-purpose, Recycle scheme, using recycled fabric, ensuring all of our packaging is recyclable or simply recycling everything possible in the office. We do as much as possible and we are always striving to do more.

  • We are a founding partner in a programme that will allow us to make new fabrics from your recycled clothing for future collections
  • As part of our commitment to the circular economy, our ambition is that our garments remain in perpetual cycles of use and reuse
  • Our packaging and catalogues are fully recyclable.
  • Transparency


    It’s important to us that you can see who we are, what we stand for and who makes our clothing. We share what other customers think of us, our collection and we value your feedback as a tool for our constant improvement.
  • The people who make your clothes matter. That’s why we carefully select the factories we work with. Every factory signs our Code of Conduct which ensures their team’s environmental, ethical and social needs are upheld and protected
  • Our collections are created by women, for women. We love wrinkles and stretch marks. We do not make our models slimmer, but we do remove plasters, tattoos and background imperfections
  • Your voice matters and we see you as part of our team. We actively seek your feedback, not just on our clothes but also the service you’ve received.
  • People


    People matter. We take pride in having an equal, inclusive and safe environment that makes people feel valued and respected. We support each other and work together as equal members of a whole unit.
  • We are mostly women – 79% in fact
  • We have a family friendly working environment; half of our team have parental responsibilities. We support flexible working to accommodate the modern lifestyle
  • You are at the heart of everything we do. To give you the best service we not only have our customer service team in-house, we also pick and pack your order ourselves
  • We actively support our local community by providing work placements, apprenticeships and internships to schools and universities.
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