For those fighting the disease on the front lines, first and foremost, we want to say a massive THANK YOU!

#Masks4all - Wear and share our Isabella Oliver face masks
#Masks4all - Wear and share our Isabella Oliver face masks

The Importance of Masks

We found convincing evidence that face masks can be effective as long as you are also following all the social distancing rules and know how to use your mask. We realised that together, we could limit the risk of contaminating others and slow the spread of the virus by simply wearing masks in public. We wanted to share some of our favourite articles and videos below that help explain this:

Why wearing a mask may be our best weapon to stop Coronavirus
Why we need #Masks4all, and how to make your over mask
How to significantly slow Coronavirus? #Masks4all
Read the Evidence Review of the Importance of Face Masks

Dr. Fauci: I wear a mask because it's effective, CNN Health

Make your own

Almost any kind of simple cloth covering, like that of a homemade mask, or a scarf or bandana can help to limit the virus. To make your own, please follow the simple steps below:

DIY Face Masks with Isabella Oliver
Goodhousekeeping - How to make medical face masks
How to keep your Coronavirus face mask clean

If you are committed to making large quantities of masks but require fabric, please feel free to contact us directly here: as we have leftover fabrics that we are happy to donate.

#Masks4all - Sharing our face masks in London
#Masks4all - Sharing our face masks in London


We have partnered with our manufacturers in Portugal to make face masks for personal use. The majority of our masks are made using 100% soft cotton leftover fabrics and cut-offs. They are machine washable and can be worn countless times. Handmade in family-run factories in Portugal, our masks are effective, easy to wear, soft on the skin and breathable, while each mask is finished with elasticated fastenings that secure over your ears.

Our Face Masks are currently only available in the UK.

As part of the #Masks4all campaign, we wanted to make sure that the thousands of key workers travelling into London everyday have access to face masks. Therefore we hand delivered our brightly coloured masks to passers-by at various locations across the city including, Waterloo, London Bridge and St Pauls. We know how lucky we are to be able to work safely from home, so it is important to us to donate our masks to those who are risking their lives to keep us safe.

#Masks4all - Key workers wearing Isabella Oliver face masks
#Masks4all - Key workers wearing Isabella Oliver face masks

We have already donated thousands of masks to Children's hospitals and Hospices, including:

Help us spread the word and share your photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #masks4all. We’d love to see you wearing your mask and help encourage the use of masks worldwide.

#Masks4all - Sharing our face masks in London

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