Weekend in Amsterdam

Hi Baukjen here,

On Friday Geoff and I flew to Amsterdam to spend a weekend with family. Before going to the airport we thought we would pop by the warehouse and bring cake to everyone working there so that they would share in the birthday celebrations. When we were on our way to the warehouse it was absolutely pouring down with rain and everybody was driving at a snail’s pace. Worried that we would miss our flight we changed our plans and decided to drive straight to the airport rather than visit the warehouse first. We had a very big pear tart with us that we didn’t want to just throw away so we packaged it well and took it to Amsterdam with us. We arrived at the airport too early and after we had checked in and gone through security we saw that our flight was delayed. Not by 10 or 20 minutes but by over 2 hours… Fortunately we had our iPhones, iPad and books with us and so we sat down in Pret A Manger and spent hours drinking tea. Once in Amsterdam we quickly dropped off our things, put the cake in the fridge and headed off for dinner. We stayed at the House of Finer which I wrote about last year here . Due to the delay we were late for dinner but fortunately no one minded too much and we had a lovely evening.

The next day we had planned a relaxed evening at Froukje and Andre’s house and so we went out and about in Amsterdam and bought shopping for the dinner that evening. In the cheese shop we must have tasted around 10 different cheeses. I took a few pictures of some of the shops. Late afternoon it poured down so we lit the fireplace, made a huge pot of tea and watched a film together called C.R.A.Z.Y. Not exactly a light hearted film but a very good one. Quite a few tears. Afterwards we had a delicious dinner cooked by Andre and enjoyed various wines he had selected. Sunday morning we had breakfast and then we flew back to London. A short but fantastic weekend in Amsterdam.

P.s. we totally forgot about the pear tart in the fridge so Froukje has taken it to her daughter who has just gone off to University and is settling in to her new student house. I think she has 15 female flat mates so hopefully they’ll enjoy it.