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The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Hi, Baukjen here.

  As you may have read on our blog, we were recently in the beautiful Bruges. In Bruges they are besotted with chocolate and they have chocolate shops everywhere. The chocolate shops are laden with all kinds of chocolate, all gorgeously presented. In one of the chocolate shops I saw sticks with chocolate cubes at the end. The lady in the shop explained that they are for making the perfect hot chocolate. Of course we had to try it and so I bought some for the kids (and us). So, a few weeks later on a lazy afternoon, we made cups of hot milk and dipped the chocolate cubes in. Patience is key so that the chocolate has the chance to dissolve. The stick acts as a spoon and you can stir the cube around. The chocolate melted quite slowly (we should have made the milk hotter) but it was worth the wait – absolutely delicious hot chocolate. The kids loved it and wondered why on earth we hadn’t bought more… We quietly agreed.

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