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Contributing Editor of Tatler and stylist to the A-List, Anna Bromilow shares her fashion expertise and styling tips on her weekly Baukjen blog.

The Transitional Piece

Transitioning from summer to autumn, and from autumn to winter, is all about the right transitional coat. This makes it sound like it’s an easy-peasy thing, the whole going from warm to cold; yet it’s one of the hardest things in terms of dressing appropriate, if you ask me.

I often face the problem that my coats are slightly too warm when I wear them in autumn (we all know autumn can be as good as summers are supposed to be), and not quite warm enough when it comes to winter. If you deal with the same issues, my advice to you: wear a wrap jacket! A wrap jacket is the best transitional coat to wear from summer to autumn, and from autumn to winter. It’s always “spacious” enough to wear with a thick jumper underneath (in case it suddenly gets quite crisp outside) or simply to wear it as I did; with a short-sleeved jumper, when it’s that in between weather.

Another thing about wearing a wrap jacket is that you instantly look chic. Add a hat and a pair of high heels (if that is still an option for you of course), and you look as if you just walked out of a fashion show in Paris. Don’t you think? To be completely honest with you though, I actually got my inspiration for this look from a Parisian woman. Don’t know her name, don’t know who she is (otherwise I would definitely have credited her for her great sense of style), but she just looked so sophisticated in her all-black-wrap-look. Plus, I always tell myself “when in doubt, wear black”, which is obviously a common thing when you are dressing your bumpy-baby-body… suddenly your whole wardrobe needs to be reconsidered… and a changing body added on top of that, mixed with some good old hormones doesn’t make you the most confident dresser. No, not even you, you stylish-stunner!

And last but not least. Another reason why a wrap is even more perfect in our case: It’s so super comfortable with a baby-bump, especially when you are nearing the end of your pregnancy and literally exploding. You don’t want to wear anything too tight during pregnancy anyway, but in the end it’s like “the most important, and almost only controllable thing” you can do. My advice is: if you want to be comfortable but still be that impeccably-styled-stunner, get yourself a wrap jacket you can tie to suit. I guarantee you it’s the best thing to do for autumn/winter!

Isabella Oliver Belted Wrap Maternity Jacket, By Malene Birger hat, Paige Denim jeans, Jimmy Choo ankle boots. Read more from The Fashion Guitar