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The Ultimate Maternity Saviour

The white shirt-dress is just one of those wardrobe staples, a piece that can be worn by every woman, no matter what size or shape, even when pregnant. I bet you have one in your wardrobe too, haven’t you? Yet I never thought I would ever get one that has a focus on the waist. Why? Simply because I generally feel more comfortable with a classically straight design when it comes to shirt-dresses. Those that look like you have picked your boyfriend’s/husband’s/toy boy’s shirt up in the morning and just thrown it on. Anyway, now I have a baby-bump to deal with, I have to be more realistic towards straight designs…Not that I can’t wear straight shirt-dresses anymore now I am bumping, but they easily make me look very colossal (especially because I am not very tall, and not wearing heels often anymore) which is not very flattering.

So I wanted to give the white Libby Maternity Tunic with waist-strap a try, and to be honest, I haven’t had any regrets so far!

Of course it comes down to how you style it. When you are more the feminine type of woman, you will maybe wear this with an elegant sling-back and a cute nude jacket. But when you are like me, and always looking for the combination of beautiful meets edgy, you might want to go as I did, for a biker jacket and black slip-ons. Slip-ons are hot these days anyway, and a biker jacket is yet another of those wardrobe staples.

Isabella Oliver Libby Maternity Tunic, Pauw biker jacket, Zara slip-ons, and Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Read more from the Fashion Guitar