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Contributing Editor of Tatler and stylist to the A-List, Anna Bromilow shares her fashion expertise and styling tips on her weekly Baukjen blog.

Where Comfort and Style Unite

When you are pregnant it’s suddenly equally important that you feel comfortable in what you wear, as to how you look. I mean, not that I normally don’t want to be comfortable in what I am wearing, but you know, you can sometimes try to hold your belly for an evening just to fit beautifully in that one special dress (don’t tell me you never did that!). However, when you are pregnant, this is simply not an option, plus there are 100 other things that could make you feel uncomfortable in your clothes: things that don’t have enough stretch and make you feel sucked in, straps that hurt, and so on. So in terms of dressing when pregnant, I personally make sure whatever I buy and wear, I feel comfortable in, but without losing my eye for style. I never want to end up as a pregnant woman who suddenly doesn’t care anymore. Well okay, some days I don’t care obviously, but in general, I don’t want to lose my individual style during pregnancy.

The Ruched Tank Maternity DressI am wearing in this look is a dress that works perfectly while pregnant, as well as after pregnancy. Usability after pregnancy is a returning topic in my maternity posts, but honestly, who wants to spend money on maternity clothes and not be able to wear it afterwards? Of course a pair of jeans with a special belly-band isn’t part of this, but dresses and skirts, come on – they have to be post-natal as well, don’t they?

Another thing that makes this dress so good for the female body is the ruched effect. Why? Simply because it covers all our ‘imperfections’, now and post-natal. And with imperfections I mean mostly flesh cutting underwear that shows through fitted clothes. Beside the fact that when this is the case you might need bigger underwear, it is in fact a thing we cannot avoid 100% of the time (maybe if you were to wear none). This is what makes a ruched dress like this one so flattering as well. Nothing seems ‘imperfect’ anymore!

Isabella Oliver Ruched Tank Maternity Dress, Celine shoes, Zara blazer, and Emporio Armani sunglasses. Read more from The Fashion Guitar