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Contributing Editor of Tatler and stylist to the A-List, Anna Bromilow shares her fashion expertise and styling tips on her weekly Baukjen blog.

Made for your Bump: Ruched T-Shirt Dress

 You don’t see me wearing fitted dresses or any other item of clothing, where my bump is visible. I’m not really sure why, I have no urge to cover it up or anything… maybe it’s just because I didn’t realise how comfortable it could be to wear clothes designed especially for your pregnancy.

In my mind comfortable is equals wider or oversized clothes. Of course, always keeping in mind the right combination of styles, lengths, and fit (I wouldn’t want to look like a potato sack).

So, when I was introduced to this slim-fitting dress, it reminded me a lot of the T by Alexander Wang dresses I used to wear, and wore till they would fall apart. This dress perfectly covers up everything I don’t want people to see (having this bump for example, causes visible lines from my underwear). The ruched detail on the side of this dress forms the perfect cover for this.

Midi-dresses in general go very well with heels and ankle boots, but I have to be realistic here; that just doesn’t work for me anymore. Nearing the end of my pregnancy, I can wear heels, or when I do – only for very short moments, and, even then, when I only have to sit. This is okay for when I have a lunch date but for a stroll with James? – it just doesn’t quite work.

Wearing this dress with these chunky leather ankle boots works pretty good for me in this situation, but of course, if you find this is not feminine enough for you, (which I can totally understand), go for flats, or maybe even flat Chelsea boots. That would look cute too.

Navy. What can I say? I just love you! As mentioned before, this is one of the most prominent colours in my wardrobe, next to black and grey. Hence I can combine this dress with pinstripes and checkerboards as I did today. I like to experiment with different shades of blue in combination with black. Plus, this autumn/winter we will see a lot of pinstripes and tartan/checked looks, so why not put it all in the mix and see what happens. If you ask me, this dress did blend in very well with the mix of prints. Would you go for it?  

Isabella Oliver Ruched T Shirt Maternity Dress, jacket Zara, scarf Zara, boots Balenciaga, and sunglasses Ray Ban. Read more from The Fashion Guitar