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The Maternity Skirt and the Cropped Top

I think a pencil skirt (of course when it’s made from a stretchy fabric), is one of the most comfortable and elegant pieces to wear when you are pregnant. This becomes especially true when you are in transition from summer to autumn – to winter, when you still feel the need to have bare legs (hurray to the heat flashes), but don’t want to get cold half-way through the day.

The Lizzie Maternity Skirt was the solution for me. The high-waist and fit of the skirt made my baby-bump visible in an amazingly feminine way, plus it made it possible for me to wear a cropped top. This was in turn, a big plus for me, because I was craving to wear one, but obviously I wasn’t going to do that with half of my bump peeking out. The high waist in combination with a thin top as a middle layer, made the crop-top work perfectly.

I felt super feminine and sexy wearing this look, however, one thing that is kind of necessary when you are wearing a skirt like this (or in this way) is that you wear heels with it. If you don’t, you better stick with a fitted top or jumper on top of the skirt to make sure you don’t look top-heavy…if you know what I mean.

Another plus when it comes to wearing pencil skirts during pregnancy is that they translate very well into a post-natal wardrobe. Of course there might be a point where the slightly wider band around the waist is too big for you when you are back in your old shape, but trust me, after having your baby, your bump is the last place where you want to have any pressure – for a very long time, so a skirt like this will definitely come in handy!

Isabella Oliver Lizzie Maternity Skirt, top Zara, heels Tibi, and sunglasses Westward Leaning. Read more from the Fashion Guitar