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Contributing Editor of Tatler and stylist to the A-List, Anna Bromilow shares her fashion expertise and styling tips on her weekly Baukjen blog.

Re-creating a 60s look: The Hatton Tunic

Ever since I saw Louis Vuitton during the Paris Fashion Week catwalks last February, I knew I had to adapt the 60s look in some way. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a new hair-cut (super short bob with/without fringe), big monochrome check patterns, or with some cute little black dresses.

In any way it was going to be a challenge, because not only would my body be changing rapidly over the coming months of my pregnancy, but my face was going to get rounder. Hence a very short bob wasn’t going to be the answer to my 60s craving.

The big monochrome check patterns (yellow/white or black/white) looked so appealing, however the thought of my big bump in a big check made me almost run to the toilet again… clearly not the answer either.

The Hatton Maternity Tunic gave me the 50s vibe I was looking for, plus it was going to work very well with my growing bump.

I’ve kept the 60s vibe even more alive by wearing the Hatton Maternity Tunic with nude flats, (an absolute must-have), and cat-eye sunglasses. The oversized black bag makes sure that my look doesn’t get too sweet, as that would not really go with my daily personal style. I mean, you don’t see me wearing dresses that often, nor flats or any other kind of nude shoes, so I had to keep it close to me by adding something edgy, something rocking.

I think this dress is going to fit perfectly into my post-natal wardrobe as well, because even though it is originally designed as a maternity dress, the design is that good that when you are no longer pregnant, the fit is still good. Of course it will, at that point, all depend on what I have in mind regarding trends if I would still wear it, but the design won’t keep me away from doing that!

Isabella Oliver Hatton Maternity Tunic, Miu Miu sunglasses, Zara flats, and Givenchy bag. Read more from The Fashion Guitar