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Our Favourite Albums, by the Isabella Oliver team

We’ve all got a music album that evokes special memories and so to continue our series of ‘favourites’ (see our previous blogs on books and films), we thought we’d share ours with you.

Click on the links included to get a taste of each bands’ music.


Pink Floyd- The Dark Side of the Moon

My stepdad introduced me to Pink Floyd as a child and I have loved their music ever since. This album would play throughout the house and garden on lazy Sunday afternoons and every time I listen to it now it reminds me of my stepdad building something in the garden and my mum and I baking in the kitchen. Apart from the happy childhood memories, this album is a pure masterpiece. It experiments with long instrumentals, rich textures and atmosphere and mixes together rock, soul, gospel and funk to create the perfect blend of musical influence. With iconic songs like Breathe and Money, this album is a timeless classic in my music collection.


Billy Idol – White Wedding

It’s the song that got me onto the dance floor for the first time! I wish I was born 10 years earlier so I could have seen Billy Idol in the 80’s when it was all happening!


My favourite is any album by Crowded House. I’ve loved them for years. Four Seasons in One Day is one of my favourite songs.


Sinéad O’Connor- I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got

I still remember playing this album as an old cassette many many years ago using my scratched hi-fi player. I love everything about Sinéad – especially her beautiful voice, rebellious personality and her shaved head ( I wish I could pull this look off but Sinéad has such a beautiful face that she always looked amazing). I love this album not only because it includes Nothing Compares 2 U but all the songs are absolutely amazing!


Adele- 19 and 21

I think Adele is the most amazing singer and her albums are great to sing out loud to in the car. Adele seems to encapsulate every emotion through her songs which makes her music so powerful. She has to be one of the best singer/songwriters of our generation and I can listen to her albums on repeat for days.  Someone Like You is a classic song.


Fleetwood Mac – Rumors

It’s got songs with a good mix of moods and tells a true story about the band at the time!


My Favourite album is Pixies- Doolittle. I discovered it when I was 19 and it just seemed like the perfect album for me at the time. Short, fast, loud and easy to sing to, every song on the album is a great track and I never find myself skipping over songs. Particular favourites include Tame, This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven and Debaser. It’s grunge at its best.


Again this is a real tough question, I have different music for different moods depending on whether I’m in the mood to party or something quiet in the background, I usually have playlists on my iPod depending on mood so very rarely listen to a whole album from start to finish anymore (the joy of MP3 Players).

My favourite album (at the moment until I listen to it to death) is The Secret Sisters self-titled album, is described as new-age traditional country music and is heavily inspired by the musical style of the 1950’s.  The sisters have been musically compared to The Everly Brothers and Doc Watson.

The album was recorded with original 1950’s analog equipment with no computers or digital equipment; they even used vintage microphones and the same recording tape as would have been used 50 years ago to get the authentic sound which they desired.

I personally love this album as I think it is a timeless classic, one which you can return back to again and again and listen with a different outlook each time. With 1950’s pop fused with classic country ballads, the sisters harmonise together with breath-taking beauty which is hard to compare, it is so refreshing to listen to some ‘real’ music sung passionately by two twenty something sisters from Alabama rather than the usual commercial and manufactured music that is pumped through the airwaves…My favourite song from this album has to be Tennesse Me.


My favourite album must be Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge over Troubled Waters, the Central Park version…. I sang it to Baukjen in the church at our wedding.


Belle and Sebastian- The Boy with the Arab Strap

I was introduced to this Scottish band by my elder sister and consequently copied all her CD’s so I could listen to them to my heart’s content! I love this album, its gentle yet upbeat and the perfect soundtrack to lazy summer days.

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