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Mothers & Daughters

Hi, Baukjen here.

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday here in the UK. My mother is the woman who, on International Women’s Day last week, I said is the woman who most inspires me. As a mother myself now, I often have to laugh at how things have now come full circle. I remember as a small child loving to play with my mother’s make-up. I put her bright red lipstick on my lips and cheeks, bright blue eye shadow on my eyes and sprayed Charlie perfume all over my neck and hair. I had endless hours of fun by myself or with my best friends at her make-up table. However, I always flatly denied, of course, that it was me who had created the huge mess. I’m not sure how convincing I was seeing that I was her only daughter and my brothers had zero interest in dressing up, plus I was covered with make-up and reeked of her perfume.

These days, the shoe is firmly on the other foot and I sometimes find my lipsticks broken off, eye shadows all mixed up (very annoying), perfume bottles open etc. As tradition holds, my daughter flatly denies any knowledge of who has played with my make-up while at the same time her face and hands are covered with it all.

My mother has to laugh at this and gives me a knowing smile. This is just one of many examples of how we’ve come full circle. I look forward to sharing moments like this as a grandmother myself when my daughter becomes a mother.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the bond between mothers and daughters in our new shoot this week. Our gorgeous pairs are wearing pieces from our SS12 365 collection, illustrating that you can enjoy great style at every age. You can see all the images and what they wore here.

For those of you who are in the UK, I hope you’ll have a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday together with your family, Baukjen.

P.s. This is one of my favourite photos of my mother. She is sitting in the garden, heavily pregnant with me, enjoying a cup of tea. For those that know me, they know this could have been me sitting there.

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