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Meeting the Queen and Prince Philip

As you may know, Isabella Oliver received a Queens Award this year for International Enterprise. We were and are extremely honored. On Monday we were invited to Buckingham Palace for a reception hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip for companies that had won the Queens Award.

During the day the actual award was delivered to us, which we have now proudly displayed in our office.

We had already received the Royal award which we have framed and hung up…

Monday afternoon we left the office early to get ready. It was a baking hot day and we kept changing our minds about what to wear. Finally at 5pm we drove to the palace where the gates opened at 5.30.

Before we were allowed to drive in to the grounds of the palace, a security team ran security checks on our car. All was ok and we were about to drive in when one of the security team members walked back and knocked on our window. When we opened the window, he told us that he had spotted something on our exhaust pipe and thought we should have it checked out at a garage. Very kind of him!

Once we passed the security checks, we drove through the gates and drove through a port where we ended up in a courtyard where we could park. Geoff and I joked that he should take extra care not to drink more than is legally allowed as we didn’t think we would be able to leave the car overnight and pick it up the next day.

When we entered the palace everything was magnificent. The hallways, the reception areas, absolutely everything. Everywhere there were magnificent paintings and beautiful things to admire. The reception was really lovely with champagne and canapés and extremely hospitable Royal Household members who made everyone feel welcome. And then it was our turn to meet The Queen and Prince Philip. They were extremely hospitable and kind. Afterwards they mingled amongst the guests and we spoke with Prince Philip again who was very interested in what everybody did.

It was a day to remember and we are very honoured to have been a part of it.

And then it was back to normal life…

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