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Le Labo

Hi, Vanessa here…
Le Labo is a company I just discovered the other day, and I haven’t stop thinking about Le Labo and their gorgeous, heavenly products ever since. It is not everyday that a scent has such an effect on me. Le Labo’s mission (as they say on their website) is to create a “sensory shock the moment you open the bottle”, and I would say they have succeeded. Do check out their website here – it must be so incredibly difficult to put fragrance into words but they do such an amazing job, and I fell in love with the company after reading about them, and how passionate they are about what they do.
Le Labo, which is based in New York, create a line of perfumes, lotions and other divine smelling products that are so unique and pure and moving, to say the least. Each scent is formulated by hand and on demand in their N.Y. Lab. They are the only perfumes on the market that are “made to order”. Their last minute formulations allow the composition to stay fresh, which is the secret in the fullness and intensity of the fragrance.
The Rose 31 is my favourite and surprisingly, not smelling as you’d expect a rose to smell like at all. The warm, spicy and woodsy notes such as cumin, olbanum, cedar and a touch of amber give the perfume a little mystery. I am truly hooked. After my testing extravaganza that evening, I even contemplated not bathing until I could get back to the shop!
For Winter 2009, Le Labo also have a very exclusive range of 6 fine fragrances that pay tribute to the 6 cities they have boutiques in, and they are available in their home city only and nowhere else. Each boutique has 25 bottles and they are available for 1 month only, from 1st November – 1st December.
I urge you to get to a boutique near you!

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