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Congratulations Kristin!

Kristin Cavallari appeared at 2014 MAGIC at the Las Vegas Convention Center

US TV star and designer Kristin Cavallari gives birth, but not before speaking to us about her pregnancy style

Just yesterday (May 7th), TV presenter Kristin Cavallari welcomed her second son, Jaxon Wyatt. We caught up with her just before the imminent arrival to chat through her top bump-friendly wardrobe tips.

IO: How would you describe your pregnancy style? 

KC: I try to stay true to my normal style even when pregnant because I don’t think you have to cover up or change just because you are pregnant. I definitely pick comfort over anything else these days, but I Iove showing off the bump in tight tops and throwing on a blazer with it. 

IO: Can you share any top styling tips you’ve picked up? 

KC: I’ve been a fan of tight dresses and tops throughout the entire pregnancy but towards the end as I get bigger, I like throwing on a blazer or sweater with it to balance out the belly. I’ve also been getting dresses a size or two bigger and tailoring them if they need it. 

IO: We’re just hitting the wedding and party season. Any advice for mums-to-be? 

KC: What I do at parties is get sparkling water with a lime so you feel like you’re drinking a cocktail. You won’t miss it at all. 

IO: What three bump-friendly pieces could you not live without? 

KC: My black Isabella Oliver blazer, my white and black long sleeve basics, and leggings.

IO: We’re all looking forward to our holiday, but how can women fly/travel in comfort when they might be feeling far from it? 

KC: Wear something really comfortable, bring yummy snacks, and download movies on your iPad. Once the baby comes you won’t be watching many movies so look at it as a chance to catch up on all the ones you’ve been wanting to see. 

IO: What lessons did you learn from your first to second pregnancy? 

KC: I’m lucky because both pregnancies have been exactly the same and have been pretty easy. The one thing I was glad I found during my first were these ginger candy chews that help with heartburn. I loaded up right away when I found out I was pregnant with the second. 

IO: And your styling secret weapons? 

KC: You just have to wear what you are comfortable in otherwise it shows. Also, dress for your body type and not what looks good on the model. 

What do you love most about the Isabella Oliver collection? 

KC: Everything is extremely comfortable, and the basics are necessities because you can layer everything. 

IO: Can you finish this sentence. I would never…

KC: … do a public photo shoot of my belly. I like to keep that stuff private. 

IO: You’ve launched your own app. Tell us more

KC: My app is basically my own magazine. It truly reflects my life and all of my interests which are fashion, beauty, fitness, and health. I talk about whatever is currently going on in my life, so there is some baby stuff on there as well. 

Congratulations again Kristin!



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