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Ceramics and Froukje and Andre's home

Today we’re off to see some more family members and then later fly back to London to have dinner tomorrow with newly engaged friends.
Before leaving Froukje and Andre’s house, Froukje and I always go through her home to see all the new ceramics she has made. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a big collection of her ceramics (gifts she made for our wedding, birthdays, becoming a mum etc etc, They’re all very special to me and we use them daily at home). Here are some pictures she kindly said yes to for me to share on the blog. They have just started a B&B, so if you are interested, please visit their website by clicking here.

Thank you Froukje and Andre for such a great time, as always. xxx
froukje and andre 1.jpg froukje and andre 2.jpg froukje and andre 3.jpg froukje and andre 4.jpg froukje and andre 5.jpg froukje and andre 6.jpg froukje and andre 7.jpg froukje and andre 8.jpg froukje and andre 9.jpg
The pictures were taken by Froukje’s friend, Eline Klein.

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