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Amsterdam continued

Amsterdam is so gorgeous to look at from the canals. We picked Geoff up with Froukje and Andre’s boat (see below for the boat).
the boat.jpg
The sun was setting and it was gorgeous. We then ‘sailed’ to a bar which we used to go to when we lived in Amsterdam (Cafe de Prins) and parked the boat to have a drink and some ‘bitterballen’.
amsterdam sunset.jpg
amsterdam sunset2.jpg
We then took the boat back to Froukje and Andre’s house as Andre was going to cook dinner (again. lucky us – he is a fantastic cook). The sun had set and the lights in everyone’s houses makes it look magical at night. My photos are all blurry. Once we arrived back home (well, Froukje and Andre’s home) the usual takes place: fireplace on, candles lit, music on, wine bottle uncorked, andre cooking, us sitting at the table chatting (we of course do offer to help cook but all four us prefer to work solo when we cook). Followed by great food, hours of talking, the perfect evening again.

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