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A wonderful dinner at the A&E

For a few weeks now I’ve been struggling with an eye condition which has been coming and going. yesterday it came on so strongly and uncomfortably that at the end of the day I decided to go to the A&E department in the eye hospital in London. So off we headed and registered my details and I sat down to await my turn. They told us there was a 3 hour wait. I was prepared and had brought my iPad, magazines and a book. But we had hardly eaten all day and were hungry so Geoff decided to explore the area for food. He asked me what I fancied and I said anything, I didn’t really care as long as we ate something. So off he went. I went through some preliminary eye tests and moved to waiting room number two which was packed with people waiting to see the doctors. Geoff returned with a big paper bag with gorgeous smells coming out of it. And then I saw what was coming next. Geoff had discovered that Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant was 3 minutes away from the hospital and had told them we had a 3 hour wait and could he order and ‘take away’. They said yes but explained they didn’t really do this and so weren’t set up for take away and so not sure how to package the food. The manager got involved and asked Geoff if he could return the plates etc. Of course Geoff would. Anyway, so back to the waiting room, there I was when Geoff unpacked a napkin and put it on my lap. To say I was embarrassed is an understatement. Then came the plate and cutlery. People stared. Geoff told me to stop being ridiculous and so there we sat and enjoyed a delicious meal. And of course Geoff returned everything. Thank you to the team at Fifteen for fantastic service and a fabulous meal.

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