Maternity Cardigans and Jumpers


Isabella Oliver maternity evening wear


Embrace a little glamour the Isabella Oliver way with cool skinnies, leather hero jackets and a light dusting of sequins. A streamlined silhouette ensures maximum elegance. Team simply with heels for leg-lengthening appeal.

Key pieces

  • Salina Jacket

    salina maternity jacket

    One of our new season hero styles, the Salina Jacket is a super chic combination leather jacket with multiple styling possibilities.

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  • Portofino Sequin Top

    portofino sequin maternity top

    This pretty tunic has a flattering asymmetric hem combining the comfort of a jersey top with the luxury of detailed embellishment.

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  • Paloma Drape Maternity Tunic

    paloma drape maternity tunic

    Worn alone or styled over leather leggings, this sheer mix tunic is a guaranteed scene stealer that’s super easy-to-wear.

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  • Dover Leather Maternity Leggings

    dover leather maternity leggings

    A bona fide wardrobe hero, our buttery soft stretch Dover Leather Maternity Leggings will revolutionise your pregnancy style.

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    Cap Scoop Maternity Top
    Cap Scoop Maternity Top


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    Kim Loose Maternity Tunic
    Kim Loose Maternity Tunic

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    Maggie Scarf
    Maggie Scarf

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    Metal Square Bead Necklace
    Metal Square Bead Necklace

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    Monmouth Maternity Dress Monmouth Maternity Dress
    Monmouth Maternity Dress

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    Poppy Maternity Top Poppy Maternity Top
    Poppy Maternity Top

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    Super Soft Wrap
    Super Soft Wrap

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    The Urban Ruched Maternity Top The Urban Ruched Maternity Top
    The Urban Ruched Maternity Top

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    Una Shirt Maternity Dress
    Una Shirt Maternity Dress

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    Una Summer Maternity Dress
    Una Summer Maternity Dress

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